Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cards anyone?

Cards anyone?  There are more than what is shown here. I have other clip art cards, stamped sets, cards from Michel's artwork. I want to start a line of cards from around this it is beautiful here year around. When I lived in France/Paris for all of those years I focused on that and now need to refocus on the beauty around me here. As I get them going I will indeed post them here for all to see. I also need to get a new printer but am looking for just what I want.

I often do craft shows and there is a 'flea market' every Sunday at Brownwood that I try to get to. It starts Memorial weekend I believe and runs through the end of October normally.  Mar (the owner) makes the most wonderful homemade doughnuts each Sunday and she said she has gotten another doughnut machine exactly like her old one so now she has 2, which gives her twice the ability to make even more!! She makes her batter and puts it into the machine, dropping preshaped batter into the hot oil to fry. They are cooled slightly after the fry process and then put into different toppings and set in the case to sell. I always bring home 6 each week to share. Ha! I am obviously needing breakfast as my mind has drifted off to food...  I will keep you updated with more items I have to share!

Monday, August 17, 2015

I am back in Michigan, back crafting and selling... and enjoying the sunshine and heat this August.  Just updating the blog and will get things on that I am selling very soon!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

All that was is back in the states!

All artwork is SOLD.  We will be moving... most all items need to be sold. Artwork prices will be dropped anywhere from 25-50%. Negotiable.  Unfortunately I took pics after framing and light was not the best... so the colors are not showing up well.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clip Art Card Assortments for Effel Tower


Of course we are not complete without an Effel Tower Assortment, for both day and night!! 

These cards come in assortment packs. The possibility exists to make cards in packs of 6 of all one image or half night/half day. These are considered special orders and I would need to know exactly what is wanted!!

Other Assorted Cards from Originals

As I mentioned below, the cards are all made from originals. Each of the originals you see further down on the pages/posts have cards made. The cards below have either not been framed or the originals are sold.

Christmas Cards

These 4 cards can be gotten in several different ways. In packs of 6 as individual images or a mixture package of 12.  Each design can be gotten in either plain or with writing. The writing will say Joyous Noel or Bonne Annee.